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Deborah Meis began dancing at the age of five and is now regarded as a pre-professional ballerina. Over the years, NeoLife Nutritionals have proven to be an essential part of her training. Deborah participates in mentally and physically demanding ballet classes where she is shown extensive routines only once and is then expected to recite them at levels of near perfection.

Her mother, GNLD Distributor Lani Meis, explains “being at the top level she is at, it is important that her brain is sharp and working quickly. When you are pushing your body to do something extra, you need to give it something extra.” Taking several Salmon Oil and Tre-en-en capsules before each ballet practice and performance helps Deborah with brain retention during her strenuous and complicated routines. Lani rejoices, “it is amazing how much it helps her focus and retain. With these vitamins Deborah can overcome any processing difficulties.” Providing a noticeable difference in her dance, Deborah is sure to take vitamins before all practices and recitals.

Since Deborah takes NeoLife Nutritionals on a regular basis, she is rarely ill and has only been sick a handful of times over the past ten years. In one rare instance of sickness, Deborah fell terribly ill with the stomach flu only two days before a regional ballet competition, and did not know whether she would be able to compete. Deborah was so ill, “she couldn’t take her head off the pillow without feeling dizzy.” Deborah spent the last year and a half preparing for this competition and thus put her faith in the Lord to provide her with the strength to perform. “If God wants me to dance, he will do it for me.” Unable to get out of bed, Deborah replenished her body with GNLD protein and chicken broth for the next couple of days.

Miraculously, the day of the competition, Deborah was able to get out of bed and perform three physically draining routines. Deborah’s first performance began at 11am and her last performance at 7pm. With no time to lie down in between, Lani was concerned that Deborah would not have the strength to make it through the competition. However “sipping on protein gave her the ability to maintain all day.” Deborah prevailed and placed second which made her eligible to compete in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix in New York.

Taking vitamins and protein regularly helps Deborah stay fit and alert. It also provides her with the stamina to dance with grace, no matter what challenges are thrown her way. Though Deborah earned the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix contest, she declined the invite. Instead she chose to honor a previous commitment to take a two-week trip to Rwanda to teach Vacation Bible School with her church group. There she taught children a choreographed dance to ‘Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus’. God provided her with the training and she wanted to give back.

This year, she completes her first year of a two-year trainee program with Ballet Magnificat! Company. Upon graduation, she hopes to possibly become a member of the company. In March 2014, her company returned from a missions trip to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro La Lima, Honduras. The company performed the ballet ‘Deliver Us’ ten times in eleven days. Deborah and a few of her fellow dancers were interviewed on the local Honduran television. They trained up to three months specifically for this overseas trip. The goal of the company is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the widest possible audience through the medium of dance, drama, and personal witness. The company does a great job in doing so.

Questions & Answers

Which NeoLife Nutritionals do you use to supplement your diet and enhance your training?
Pro Vitality+, Acidophilus Plus, NeoLifeShake, Super C Threshold Control, Beta-Zyme

What impact do you feel NeoLife Nutritionals have on your success?
The type of training I undergo is very physically and mentally demanding. The NeoLife supplements allow my body to perform to its maximum potential. Dancers are known for their many injuries as we ask our joints and muscles to do much more than they were designed to do. I am able to maintain excellent health, necessary energy and mental acuity.

NeoLifeShake is my breakfast meal replacement before I begin my intense drills for the day. The protein enables my body to maintain high-energy output. It also helps repair sore, tired muscles.

ProVitality+ helps with focus, memory, and concentration, which is very necessary for me to pick up difficult and lengthy choreography. As well, the anti-inflammatory properties in Salmon Oil Plus help me to remain injury free!

Acidophilus Plus nurtures my digestion. In the past, I was told I would need to see a gastroenterologist as my symptoms revealed inflammation in my intestines. Instead of probably going on medicine, my mom had me start taking Acidophilus Plus. It worked and has continued to work now 7 years later. Because of this product, I am digestion pain free! It's very nice and relieving.

I also take Vitamin C for the small colds that creep up on me. I am able to quickly fight them off loading up on the Vitamin C; this also helps with tired, sore muscles.

This past year in the Ballet Magnificat! Trainee Program, the NeoLife Nutritionals have indeed helped me extremely in my participation. They keep me alert and boost my energy when I need it. Taking the Pro Vitality+ packs, Acidophilus Plus, and the Beta-Zyme products helped me tremendously on tour. I never was sick and my digestion was definitely stronger than the other dancers in the group.