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About the Athlete

Ian is a much-loved Australian Actor/Entertainer who is best known for his starring roles is TV drama's “Stingers” and “Sea Patrol.” Ian has also appeared in many stage performances such as “Cabaret” and “Guys and Dolls.” Ian also featured for a number of years in channel nine's broadcast of “Carols by Candlelight.” Ian's latest work is a starring role in a brand new Australian musical called “Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You” as well as performing with The Leading Men throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The nature of Ian's work can place huge demands on his health and fitness as his roles often require long days of intensive physical activity and mental focus. However Ian's most important role is that of being a father to his two daughters.

Questions & Answers

Which NeoLife Nutritionals do you use to supplement your diet and enhance your training?
Pro Vitality+, Cal-Mag, Full Motion, NouriShake, PhytoDefense, the Nutriance Range

What impact do you feel NeoLife Nutritionals have on your success?
Being an actor means there are NO sick days, so I start every day the GNLD way. The products have allowed me to live the life I have always dreamed of—thank you GNLD!