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Recognized and acknowledged for her unique athleticism and outstanding success as a Paralympic athlete, Katrina Webb has left her mark on the athletic world. Bringing home a total of three gold, three silver, and one bronze medal from the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Paralympics, this testament to Katrina's ability makes her one of Australia's top performing Paralympic athletes.

Off the track, Katrina is the Director of her own business Silver 2 Gold. As a qualified physiotherapist and a person that knows how to achieve gold medal results more than once, her business specializes in 'Turning Silver to Gold' and improving the performance and health of organizations, teams and individuals through keynote speaking, team building events and corporate health and well-being programs.

Questions & Answers

Which NeoLife Nutritionals do you use to supplement your diet and enhance your training?
Pro Vitality+, NouriShake, Cal-Mag, Vitamin B Complex Sustained Release, Vitamin C Sustained Release, Vitamin E, Garlic Allium Complex

What impact do you feel NeoLife Nutritionals have on your success?
Thanks GNLD for providing me with sensational products which allow me to perform at my optimal level every day.