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World Masters multi-event and sprint champion, Marie Kay has been a dominant force on the international athletic competitive scene for many years. Marie's natural ability forged with her tenacious attitude to competition has proven to be an effective combination as her large assortment of world records, championship titles and medals continues to grow. In 2011, Marie was awarded “World Masters Athlete of the Year,” the most prestigious award reserved for only the best of the best.

But despite her success Marie is as humble and grounded as they come. When Marie is not training or competing she spends her time working as a personal trainer and volunteering as a coach for aspiring athletes. Also adding the responsibilities of a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother, it's no wonder Marie's boundless energy is an inspiration to people of all ages.

Questions & Answers

Which NeoLife Nutritionals do you use to supplement your diet and enhance your training?
Pro Vitality+, Tre-en-en, Cal-Mag Chelate, Vitamin B Complex Threshold Control, Vitamin C Threshold Control, Vitamin E, PhytoDefense, NouriShake

What impact do you feel NeoLife Nutritionals have on your success?
Without GNLD I would not be able to train ten times a week, work, run a household and still manage to have time for my children and time for myself.